Contemporary Art Glass Sculptures
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Marek Fisar - Mold melted Glass Sculptures  
Marek Fisar, sculptor and glass artist creates sculptures using the process of casting glass in to molds
in a electrical kiln and cold working including cutting and polishing techniques.

Click on each images of the sculptures for more information and full size view

Blue Conception - original sculpture sale
Blue Conception

mold melted glass sculpture
Blue Dream - unique sculpture sale
Blue Dream

mold melted glass sculpture
Yellow Spiral - kiln cast glass sculpture
Yellow Spiral

kiln cast glass sculpture
Blue Spiral - mold melted crystal  glass sculpture
Blue Spiral

mold melted glass sculpture
Ice Paprik - original crystal glass sculpture
Ice Paprik
Red Paprik - melted red glass sculpture
Red Paprik
Wild Green -bowl, green glass sculpture
Wild Green
Green glass sculptures
Green Paprik
Crystal - commission for architecture
Relatoinship - melted, painted, slamped glass, metal
King of Penguines - mold melted glass sculpture
King of Penguines
Fish - glass and stone sculpture
Ocean Pearl - melted glass plate
Ocean Pearl
Seaweed - glass bowl
  Seaweed bowl
Tied - painted glass plate sale by artist
Tied plate
Glass & Light - Art show - Berlin
Cooking... Glass & Light

Mold melted glass sculptures combined with stone and metal.
Melted glass plates painted with glass colors inside of layers of glass.
Every piece is unigue and original.

Custom Designed Sculptures and Objects Now Available!
If you have a special idea or vision for your own glass sculpture or object, it is possible I can create one for you, tailored to fit your own style, needs or surroundings. For more information about custom pieces, please contact me at: , or send me your feedback

Original glass sculptures
Red Pyramid - original glass sculptures sale by artist.Blue Conception - original glass sculpture.for sale by artistYellow Spiral - unique glass sculpture.. Available now!Spiral Levitation - mold melted glass sculpture sale by artistDreaming blue - original glass sculptures sale by artist.Tied - painted glass plate. Unique design sale

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